Beta Test Community announcement Pre ANN BSM announcement pre ANN BSM token release Beta testers hiring ICO phase 1-2 Last phase Beta test software Security protocols Presentation in cryptocurrency specialized press Launch in social media Faucets and small airdrops Launch announcement on BitcoinTalk Beta Software Final rounds live test Bugfix Update and re-brand website with technical details & FAQ Release Alpha 001 Payment processor support host new web-servers for optimal initial loading CoinMarketCap the other cryptocurrency indexes referral support: users will get a cut from trading fees more supported coins and trading pairs Marketplace release V001 Regular usability improvements, based on beta feedback Ability to stake BSM and earn 20% profit cut from our profits. Pool enable Payouts in BSM Ethereum and ERC20 support BSM official exchange listing fee Waves Tokens support Dedicated stake pool integration Release Alpha 002 New APIs Additional development and support staff Omni Protocol support Android and Mobile IOS apps Limited offshore company constitution. Payment processor Developer platform Web Wallet USD and CNY support Cryptonote protocol support Loans to platform users Electron Wallet Blockfolio integration EUR - GBP support Multi-signature gateway network & protocol Release Alpha 003 Roadmap futures




We are not setting any date on task complexion for now,it depends on many factors, we will release a more accurate roadmap 

once we have this on approx 80% completed.

Estimated release for 2020