Our hybrid platform supports Bitcoin,Litcoin,Doge,ZCash,Ethereum,ERC20,Block.io API’s, CoinPayment API’S . BitStockMarket also supports Fiat Currency and Gateways. We will made it to integrate almost 1070+ Cryptocurrency, Including most famous one’s. And several 3rd Party API’s

Our platform is easy, ultra secure and fast  to use from your home pc or another mobile device 



This exchange follows the 37-Fort Knox security checklist.We have done input filtering , XSS prevention,File Upload Safety,Form Token Validation, Protection against SQL injection, with Secure back end


Tailored to fit each target market's KYC/AML laws and regulations Integration with third party Bitcoin businesses via the API Integrates with third party payment solution.Trade from your Mobile deviceswith our awesome APP


Our support works 24/7 through different channels , Discord, Tickets.Bitcointalk forum, twitter , facebook or live support desk.  make you feel good when you have any issue, or just want to add a coin. We are here to help you ASAP


While you loose your Stakes you loose money       Use your exchange wallet to generate  your stakes with just 0.5% fee. Shared Masternodes are also enabled for a minimal fee. Forget about those issues that now are solves and enjoy your stakes. You are the owner


Users can swap coins among themselves using advanced Escrow methodologies. Without the need of a trusted 3rd party, a Smart Contract does the job. In the same way we host and escrow a  market place  where you can buy and sell with  your  cryptocurrencies


We have a native multi purpose token called BSM.Token, It allows you not only to eth merged mining or to stake. it give you a revenue share every time you trade. BSM is a useful token ideal for internal use and to trade it in other exchanges 

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Our Team

Part workshop and part incubator, our team of analysts, engineers and product specialists combine to discover new use cases and prototype solutions rapidly Our team invests in thought leaders and start-ups looking to create and accelerate a critical mass for change. We’re looking for people, technologies, companies and collaborators to help us build a responsible and prosperous future for the crypto asset markets.. We hosts a rare mix of technical expertise, financial literacy as well as a proven track record of success in several industries. These skills and experiences are now applied to the ever-evolving block chain landscape, allowing us to navigate through traditional barriers of entry with ease. These valuable insights are used to help us assist our clients in reaching all of their goals. was founded by 27 individuals from around the globe. Currently our team has 23 core team members, coming from 11 different countries, giving a decentralized team a whole new meaning. If you’d like to join us, contact us here to start a conversation .


BitStocksMarket is a full-featured spot trading exchange for the most popular crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Iconomi and others. To get started, you'll need to register your own free account. Second, you'll need to make a deposit, either crypto currency or conventional money. Once we receive your funding (which is a matter of seconds most of the times) we will credit your Bitsane account and then you can start buying and selling Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereum, Iconomi right away. Start trading crypto currency markets today. Sign up for free

Affiliate Program for Partners We understand the power of affiliate marketing and are always searching for reliable partners. Join today and earn money by referring to BitStoksMarket

API Access for Developers BitStocksMarket platform offers a powerful and simple API solution to allow you to develop your own crypto currency trading applications

Our platform is fully compatible with your mobile device! Whenever and wherever you want to trade with our platform  Multi Support for Deposit and withdrawal Fiat and crypto currencies, 3 different users levels with 3 different daily withdrawal limit 


Payment Processor Integrated




Program powerful trading systems that make use of machine learning, inter-market analysis, multi-time-frame analysis, and real-time, tick-by-tick market scanning. Implement powerful neural networks and genetic algorithms for deep learning, natural language recognition for ultra-fast sentiment analysis, rough set theory, fractal and cycle analysis, pattern recognition, Our exchange shatters performance barriers Our solution was designed to disrupt the industry and to provide our clients with a competitive advantage. Many exchanges can't handle more than one or two million transactions per second. Some can't handle 100,000 or even 15,000 transactions per second. Our exchange easily outperforms them all, by leveraging our two decades of experience and source code frameworks. Additionally, our source code has been written in the Go programming language, which was designed by Google in 2009 as an alternative to standard programming languages like C++. Go was designed for computationally intense server application . Engineered for Performance. Tested for up to 40,000 parallel Transactions. Modular and secure design that enables addition of any Payment gateway, Bank, et .


Super Fast Trade Execution

Last Generation Ultimate Trading Engine for a Super Fast Trade Execution.  BitStocksMarket offers superior trade execution for all the trading instruments provided. World's fastest exchange engine is here at your fingertips! With some of the best features onboard, the platform is on its way to create a new industry standard for cryptocurrency exchanges.

Easy to use

Our platform is bu Extremely easy to use keeping the needs of the global cryptocurrency community in mind. In addition to conventional web-based trading and exchange platform, BitStocksMarket also allows its customers to trade on their mobile devices with our elegant, sleek and powerful Mobile app. Your users can Buy-Sell-Trade crypto on the Go effortlessly with this sleek and secure mobile app

Ultra Secure

Safe and Secure BitStocksMarket  special consideration of the platform’s security. The platform incorporates various security features including network protection, up to date infrastructure, network backup, advanced monitoring and cold storage. This platform follows the 37-Fort Knox security checklist. You just need to trade and relax

Our Native ERC20 Token BSM

BitStocksMarket Token (BSM) is, a worldwide utility that provides affordable and equitable access to many real ussage Use the BSM token to Access the staking Platform and getting your company shares ,Submit an application to obtain a business or consumer pairs against our crypto.  Exchange and share Share BSM with friends and family to help them better their trading 

 Participate in BitStocksMarkets governance & Vote on specific projects and proposals to facilitate platform technology development. Rewarding token grants for successfully bringing other users to our platform. Increase your deposit yields Use BSMto increase your deposit interest. Utilize the protocol Access and develop upon the BSM protocol modules — scoring, badging, identity and marketplaces


ICO is still open, trade Satoshi was very fast listing us, so you can buy at exchange Our next step will send the 50% of the supply [25m] to exchange trade satoshi to finish the presale on it. The 20% bonus will remain until coins are over. The rest of the coins [25m] are saved in a public address, no staking, and will be burned.   


BitStocksMarket offers a seamless and secure channel for your users to effortlessly Buy, Sell and Trade cryptocurrencies.


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 The cryptocurrency exchange platform BITSTOCKSMARKET offers superior trade execution for a variety of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and ERC and other Tokens